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When a small group of community minded members of the hamlet of Central Islip gathered in the spring of 1906 to organize a Fire Company, they could not have realized what their dream would become one hundred years later. It would be interesting indeed to have their thoughts and opinions on this subject, and to discuss the growth and development of our Fire Department over the years, and to compare notes both on what they experienced in the early days to what the Department has become in the present day. It is certain they would be impressed with how their idea took hold and flourished, developed its’ own traditions and sense of pride, served the Central Islip community so well, yet still looks ahead to continue to improve itself and to provide for our neighbors with the finest fire protection and equipment available. Although a number of organizational changes related to the various Companies took place in the early years' the Central Islip Fire Department is comprised of Four Engine Companies with 25 Active Members plus Senior Active members and One Truck Company and a Rescue Company each with 25 Active Members plus Senior Active members. The Department also contains a Drill Team, Ladies Auxiliary, Department Band, Junior Drill Team, and Softball Team. The Department is run by a Chief and three Assistants, while the companies are ran by a Captain and two Lieutenants. The Central Islip Fire Department serves over thirty thousand citizens of Central Islip responding to alarms any time of the day. Members of the department come from different backgrounds each bringing a unique quality that makes the Central Islip Fire Department one of the best Fire Departments on Long Island. Members will continue to serve the citizens now and for the next one hundred years with dedication, commitment, and the desire to always be prepared and trained to the best of their ability.

Mission Statement

The Central Islip Fire Department was created in 1906 to provide fire prevention, suppression and overall assistance to the residents of the Central Islip Fire District. The Department continues to perform these services at a professional level while respecting the traditions of the past and remembering the generations of volunteers who have served our community.

Department Drills: 2014 Yaphank Training Schedule:

Flashover Drill November 13th at 7:00pm Companies 2 and 3

All members with three years are less are required to attend

Legal Notice For Fire District Elections:

Annual Election of Central Islip Fire District, Tuesday December 9, 2014.

Please take notice that the Annual Election of the Central Islip Fire District will take place on Tuesday, December 9, 2014, between the hours of 6:00pm and 9:00pm at the Central Islip Fire Headquarters located at #97 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip, New York , for the purpose of election one Fire Commissioner for a five (5) year term, commencing on January 1, 2015 and concluding on December 31, 2019. All duly registered residents of the Central Islip Fire District shall be eligible to vote. Please take note that only those persons who have registered with the Suffolk County Board of Elections on or before the 23rd day before the First District's election shall be eligible to vote. In 2014, such registration must take place on or before November 17, 2014. Candidates for District Office shall file their name and petition with the Secretary of the Central Islip Fire District at #97 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip, New York, no later than November 19, 2014.

Thomas P. Walsh


Central Islip Fire District